THE GUAYS formed 3 years ago as a new Japanese Rock ‘n’ roll band.We spend day and night performing, with performances that fascinate many people. Our power and scale has been getting bigger and bigger.Finally,we flew out to the USA, NY and Philadelphia to have our single tour.Don’t treat us  yellow monkeys lightly. We are the monsters, we are still pushing forward more and more.


CaptainRYOSUKE Vo.Gt / HIROSHI , Gt.Vo / YUKKI, Dr.cho / MOMO Ba.Shout. They first started performing in Osaka, Japan.

Jun, 2011

Our first demo 「GORUNGUN」 was on sale.From then we started to go to tour many places including Tokyo. Now we are addicted to touring.

April, 2012 

Our first single tour in New York.We met KEN SOUTH ROCK, and flew to New York .We only had 3 performances booked, but decided to stay 2 weeks, and played 11 performances in total.At that time, the limited NY tour EP was on sale only in USA.

July, 2013

NY tour EP Sales in Japan.The CD which was recorded during one of our live performances in NY


After releasing their first album 「砲撃(HOGEKI),we moved from Osaka to Tokyo.


We started a music event.Called 「RAW VIBE」,it doesn’t matter race, nationality, age, nor sex.